IRS Denying Passports Applicants

Is the US IRS tax agency denying passports to citizens if they don't pay their taxes?

Is the US IRS tax agency denying passport applicants? That on this episode of Expat Rebel.

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Is the US IRS revoking passports over unpaid taxes? That on Expat Rebel Radio.

Before I get into the show I want to remind you of a cool trick you can do if you have an iPhone or iPad. Ask Siri, "Play podcast Expat Rebel" and Siri will play the latest episode. Pretty cool.

Ok, now to today's show.

Have you heard that the United States IRS, the agency in charge of taxes is revoking passports if you don't pay your taxes?

Back in 2015 the IRS was given the authority to do just that, but it hasn't actually done that yet.

The IRS has to determine that a person owes over $50,000 in taxes for a passport application to be denied.

They also have to file an intent to levy as well before they can go around and deny someone a passport. 

And it won't just happen and surprise you.  You would get a couple of very noticiable letters telling you what could happen if you don't pay.

Now the IRS does have a list of people, over 362,000 people, of tax delinquents they have sent to the State Department who could in the future have their passport applications and renewables denied if they continue to default on paying their taxes. 

So, no one yet has had their passport application denied...yet. But, if you are an American living overseas and you're not paying your taxes then don't be surprised that you have no passport in the future.

Thank you for joining me on today's episode.  Keep traveling and enjoying the world. See you next time on Expat Rebel Radio.
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