Are Most Expats Alcoholics?

I asked fellow expats are they alcoholics?

I've been away for two week getting ready for a meditation retreat and being offline for the whole thing.

I had a great time.

We went to a Mayan Pyramid in Mexico called Uxmal, that's the site name. The two pyramids at that site are The Pyramid of the Magician and the Great Pyramid.

I really enjoyed meditating there for three days and also nearby Kabah.

Then we came back to Playa del Carmen our base for the retreat exhasted. I just wanted to goto sleep and be rested for my dolphin meditation the next day. Yes, I got to meditate with dolphins. It was an incredible deep meditation by the way

I came home to a loud drunk party my neighors were having as they were leaving Mexico for the US.

A fall down liquor induced party of yelling and banging things like no party I've ever heard.

I complained to the building manager and it took him two or more hours to get everyone hushed up.

I was so tired I didn't notice and just fell into bed. And got up at 6am ready to go meditate with dolphins.

Later, after the retreat I asked some local expats what they thought of the question are most expats drunks?

It is a geniune question because I don't drink. And in the past when I did I never got loud. In fact, I would just fall asleep. I was cute drunk for a few minutes then just drift off to sleep.

And the people I hang out with don't drink much, well at least not around me.
So I don't know for sure if most are so I asked.

The response was anywhere from did you ask that question when you were drunk, and telling me I'm judgemental which was interesting, to just a simple yes or no.

Many were offended by the question. I was surprised by how many to be honest.

The best answer I thought was it depends who you hang out with. One even suggested that some expats party the first two or so years and then get into the vibe of living in a different culture.

It also can depend on where you live. Here in Playa del Carmen Mexico it's know for it's party scene. Tons of places to party that are expat nice.

So, it's much like being in your home country. It's who you hang out with.

I'm hanging out with fellow spiritual meditators and entrerepeneurs and we don't have a tendency to drink much.

After meditating with a group, I'll have a link in the show notes about the retreat if you would to goto.

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